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Diego’s brother died of an overdose a year ago. On the morning of the first anniversary of his death, seven of Diego’s friends – or almost friends – decide to follow him wherever he wants to go, and to do whatever he wantsin honour of the day. So begins an escape that lasts until dawn. An escape leading from the city outskirts towards the sea, and from loneliness towards self-awareness and friendship. Once they reach the sea, the teenagers will embrace each other, body and soul, in the dark of a blackout.

Daniela Palumbo is an author and journalist. She writes for the monthly Scarp de’ tenis, the historic street newspaper of Caritas Ambrosiana. She published her first book in 1998 and since that moment she received numerous awards. Much appreciated in the school and social world, her novels often touch delicate strings and painful events, with delicacy and an eye always attentive to human storytelling.