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Shinrin-Yoku l’immersione nei boschi

Shinrin-Yoku l’immersione nei boschi


Shinrin-yoku the Japanese ritual to get rid of anxiety and stress

Shinrin Yoku Immersion in the Woods pushes us to search for the communion between man and nature. The term Shinrin-Yoku, or ’forest bath’, coined in Japan in the 1980s by the director of the Japanese forestry agency, refers to immersing yourself in nature with the five senses. The forest, the forest, are a state of consciousness: the condition in which every desire flows effortlessly towards its fulfillment. Shinrin-Yoku today is increasingly known and appreciated as preventive therapy. Immersion in nature has scientifically proven therapeutic effects: it is able to reduce the concentrations of the stress hormone in the body, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate blood pressure and heart rate, to lower cholesterol. Shinrin-Yoku is an adventure of deep communion with nature. It is practiced in many ways, but the most traditional one is walking and meditation in the woods or in the forest. In this book there are the practical keys of the relationship with the forest that gives creativity. The forest is a call to action, so the best way to understand what is exposed in this book is to practice the immersion rituals it describes.

Genre: How-To

Subject: Practice / Self-help / Personal development

Publishing house:

Edizioni Studio Tesi

Year of publication: 2018

Published in: Roma

Number of pages: 192

Price: 14.50

ISBN: 9788876926280

Foreign rights manager: Mara Morini |

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Shinrin-Yoku l’immersione nei boschi

Selene Calloni Williams

SELENE CALLONI deals with psychology, shamanism, yoga and anthropology. She founded the Counseling imaginal school. Among her bestsellers The perfume of the moon, Ikigai what is worth living for, Shamanic yoga and Mantra Madre. NOBURU OKUDA ​​DO is an expert in environmental medicine and is responsible for spreading Shirin Yoku and its benefits.

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