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By reading this book, the reader will certainly be able to understand on the one hand the \’life-saving\’ functions of space suits, and on the other the reason for so much \’secrecy\’. The spacesuits are a concentrate of technology and the quality of their component parts is absolutely equivalent to those that allow life on the Space Station, and therefore require long development processes as well as complicated and risky qualification campaigns. space by private individuals (Space X above all, but also others), has meant that the competition we are used to on Earth has also moved into space, so secrecy is becoming more and more important and information will be more and more sip.

After graduating in Engineering in 1987, for about 30 years, together with the technical profession, carried out an intense study and research activity, dedicating mainly his attention to issues concerning astronautics, rocketry, cosmic physics and space sciences. He also completed nuclear engineering studies and is very interested in advanced propulsion in space, especially from a nuclear source.