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The publication has the merit, like no one before, of collecting in a single monograph, almost all of the probes sent by man to the boundaries of the known space, making an unprecedented amount of historical and technical data available to the reader. From Mars to Venus, from Jupiter to Pluto, from comets to asteroids, many objectives have been explored in the past decades. The book shows the various missions, analyzing the instrumentation embarked on the probes, the salient phases and the objectives achieved or those unfortunately not achieved. All this is reported in an engaging epic for the most curious or already passionate novice reader.

After graduating in Engineering in 1987, for about 30 years, together with the technical profession, carried out an intense study and research activity, dedicating mainly his attention to issues concerning astronautics, rocketry, cosmic physics and space sciences. He also completed nuclear engineering studies and is very interested in advanced propulsion in space, especially from a nuclear source.