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This volume comes out to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission which took off on 11 April 1970 and landed on 17 April of the same year. It was the most dramatic and thrilling mission of the entire program, which in the last four of those six days, which seemed to never end, kept the whole world in suspense and which thanks to the skill, cold blood and courage of the three astronauts and all those on Earth who did their utmost with tenacity and ingenuity to get them back home safe and sound, it ended happily.

After graduating in Engineering in 1987, for about 30 years, together with the technical profession, carried out an intense study and research activity, dedicating mainly his attention to issues concerning astronautics, rocketry, cosmic physics and space sciences. He also completed nuclear engineering studies and is very interested in advanced propulsion in space, especially from a nuclear source.