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Probably, during his studies and observations on the flight of birds, Leonardo da Vinci had already observed some stealth flights of the predatory bird to the bird of prey. Perhaps for Leonardo it was too much to think about occult approach flights for military purposes, since he was too busy carrying out the human flight itself. However, I do not think that the various scenarios of approach in flight of the predator with respect to the prey have escaped him. For the purpose of this book-essay on \’stealth\’ the analysis must, a fortiori, be limited to the physical and technological aspects that can give a vision of knowledge of the phenomena of occult approach and subsequent processing. The yearning for understanding, including mathematics, is unfortunately reserved for a select few or very few as it was for Alan Turing\’s Enigma project and continues to be for confidential projects of the \’cyber intelligence\’ type.

Graduated in Engineering in 1987, for about 30 years he carried out, together with the technical profession, an intense study and research activity, mainly dedicating his attention to issues relating to astronautics, rockets, cosmic physics and space sciences. He also completed nuclear engineering studies and is very interested in advanced propulsion in space, especially from a nuclear source.