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The science, technology and use of modern artificial satellites. Understanding how satellites affect the lives of all of us today is not easy and so here is the intent of this publication, which in addition to scrupulously collecting data and facts from decades of development of space systems, highlights in a simple and clear way how many and what are the more or less known connections between a technology still considered complicated by many. Astronautics is a relatively recent science, whose active history has only lasted for just over half a century; but in this period of time the events and the evolution of spacecraft have affected the everyday life of the inhabitants of planet Earth, contributing in a fundamental way (although often overlooked by most) to the technological progress of our civilization.


After graduating in Engineering in 1987, for about 30 years, together with the technical profession, carried out an intense study and research activity, dedicating mainly his attention to issues concerning astronautics, rocketry, cosmic physics and space sciences. He also completed nuclear engineering studies and is very interested in advanced propulsion in space, especially from a nuclear source.