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A story of a family like many others: daughter of two working class parents, Virginia Cafaro never saw her parents really rest, in the sense of enjoying moments of idleness, relaxation and sleep. But even she had never been able to give a name to that monster that had always prevented her from taking a nap without feeling guilty: chronophagous capitalism.With an unprecedented and singular perspective, this feminist guide pushes us to claim the right to rest, intersecting sociological analyzes with daily experience. Starting from the dark side of doom scrolling, up to bedtime procrastination and taking inspiration from the behavior of guinea pigs, the author leads us to investigate the feminist side of rest and to claim it as a revolutionary act compared to hypercapitalism’s constant attempt to swallow every minute of our time.

Virginia Cafaro, of Sardinian origin, was born in Mila. She has been writing online about feminism and intersectionality since 2014. She participated as an author in the writing of Anche questo è feminismo (Tlon, 2021) and in 2024 she will publish a fanzine on guinea pigs and the importance of rest (What Guinea Pigs Can Teach Us About Life) for Microcosm Publishing. This is her first non-fiction essay.