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A photographic book for the little ones, who recognize themselves in the images and recognize the world around them, accompanied by the sweet sound of the voice.

Piccino is a short journey, inspired by the values of listening and respect of feeling, to welcome the newborn into the family and begin to grow together.
The photographs of Tatiana Gambetta portray the little protagonists intent on crawling and laughing, ready to explore the world by touching and feeling, cradled in the arms of loved ones.
Elisa Mazzoli‘s texts, rich in onomatopoeia, familiar and sweet sounds (the yum of a hungry baby or the tum tum of a beating heart) are designed to engage children in listening.
Photographic cardboard with rounded corners. Recommended age 0-12 months

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:

Il leone verde Edizioni

Year of publication: 2017

Published in: Torino

Number of pages: 24

Price: 11,50

ISBN: 9788865801666

Foreign rights manager: Anna Spadolini


Elisa Mazzoli, Tatiana Gambetta

Elisa Mazzoli has always lived in Cesenatico. She is a writer, storyteller, editorial consultant and trainer in the field of children’s literature.
Tatiana Gambetta has a degree in Biology from the University of Bologna. She has always been fond of photography and she realizes photographic reportages together with ethnology and anthropology projects.