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In Hora Mortis Nostrae

Rome, Christmas 1864, an elderly French monsignor, an archeology scholar, is found dead with his hands severed near the Circus ...

Il progetto Valhalla

The past hides unspeakable horrors. And their memory, very often, comes back to torment us in the present … and ...

Diario (tragicomico) di una mamma (The (Tragicomic) Diary of a ...

A relevant and fresh book, that with irony and levity immortalizes the hard marvel to be parents.

Colpevole di amnesia (Guilty of Amnesia)

A case of amnesia which turns into a never-ending nightmare

Il bell’Antonio (Beautiful Antonio)

A vivid, hilarious and sarcastic novel on family honor and the “macho”culture in the Sicily of the Thirties


Sanmao, born in 1935, is the most famous of the characters invented by Zhang Leping and certainly the most loved ...

Il treno di cristallo

A charming contemporary fairy tale

L’amante senza fissa dimora (No fixed abode)

An atypical, sophisticated, elaborated novel of love and mystery

La stanza del vescovo (The bishop’s bedroom)

A psychological thriller set on Lago Maggiore, one of the most beloved and trendy Italian locations

Giugno (June)

A reckless kid from the wrong side of the tracks. A summer that will blow his horizons wide open. A ...

Figlio del lupo (The wolf’s son)

The sumptuously imagined novel of Jack London

L’ultima estate in città (Last Summer in Town)

A literary gem discovered by Natalia Ginzburg. A unique literary case, written in the Seventies, then forgotten, and now in ...

Peccati immortali (Immortal Sins)

A gripping thriller inside Rome’s and the Vatican’s hall of power

Il diavolo d’estate (The summer devil)

Sicily, July 1978, a couple of months from the murder of Moro. The 17-yearold Salvatore (Totò), bored wanders through the ...

Il purgatorio non è eterno (Purgatory is not eternal)

Rome, 1995. Émile Martin, professor of medieval history at the University of Avignon, is found dead in his room at ...

Tutto chiede salvezza

A touching novel by one of the most powerful voices in the Italian panorama

L’amore che ti meriti

A daughter who delves into memories long forgotten. An elegantly warm and moving thriller.

La misura dell’uomo (The measure of man)

Spring 1482: Leonardo da Vinci arrives in Milan to dedicate himself to the activities that his genius is capable of: ...

Perduti nei quartieri spagnoli (Lost in the Spanish Quarter)

Heddi arrives in Naples and is immediately adopted by friends at the university who are young and brilliant. This fervent ...