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The Bewitched Cat

The Bewitched Cat

Foreign rights sold:
Russian, Spanish, Catalan

An amazing rhymed story, enriched by the illustrations of Massimiliano Frezzato.

A cat, a normal cat, actually pretty banged up and mangy, got bewitched one day. However he does not complain about this spell, perhaps he’s in love, he is certainly captivated by a lovely kitten. Torn by this, he decides to ask his owner, his little witch, to become a wizard to be able to learn the craft, or at least the secret of a true love potion … But the little witch, who heals everyone with her herbs, reveals him there are no love potions, all it takes is some courage in declaring himself to his beloved.

An amazing rhymed story, enriched by the illustrations of Massimiliano Frezzato.

Genre: Kids

Publishing house:


Year of publication: 2014

Published in: Italia

Number of pages: 28

Price: 12,5

ISBN: 9788896971260

Foreign rights manager: Marcello Buonomo

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The Bewitched Cat

Paolo Cossi, Massimiliano Frezzato

Paolo Cossi was awarded by the Parliament of the French community in Belgium the Condorcet-Aron Prize for democracy for Le Grand Mal (Dargaud). Massimiliano Frezzato is one of the most appreciated Italian cartoonists. In 1996 he published the first volume of the saga The Keepers of the Maser that was published in many countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, USA. For Lavieri he has published his beautiest childrens books and the illustrated Peter Pan and Pinocchio.

Other translations:
Il gatto sfigato, La città delle cose dimenticate