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Nero come la notte

Nero come la notte

In the Italy of the very near future Sergio Stokar must return from the kingdom of the dead and get back to investigating, searching in the past and in the darkest corners of his city.

Sergio Stokar was a skilled policeman. Perhaps the most skilled, in that faded but still opulent city in north-east Italy. Until the day he unwittingly trod on the wrong people’s toes and was left half dead at the door of the very last place he would have expected to end up: the Zattere, a complex of abandoned buildings where a community of undocumented immigrants had settled and were living by their own laws. This place, with its delicate and precarious equilibrium,its confusion of languages, races and smells, would in normal circumstances have been a nightmare for someone like Stokar, whose political beliefs were in total harmony with his initials: SS. But it was a nightmare he was forced to inhabit, adapting to new rules and living in a reality that he would once have spurned.So as to remain in safety, Sergio becomes the ‘sheriff of the Zattere’. He maintains order and investigates small crimes. And then one day he’s assigned a special mission by the Council that rules over the complex. Some of the Zattere girls have been killed in a brutal fashion: there’s a murderer lurking somewhere and only a skilled policeman like Stokar can track him down, thanks partly to his intuition and his contacts, but mostly because he’s as stubborn as a steamroller. He finally discovers that there may be just a single investigation and that the horror is hiding in unexpected places and among people who are above suspicion. Everything is joined together by a single thread. A thread that is as black as night, as red as blood. Because in a world that believes only in greed, there is no guilt or innocence – just infinite shades of evil.

Genre: Murder Mystery/Horror

Publishing house:

Marsilio Editori

Year of publication: 2019

Published in: Venezia

Number of pages: 528

Price: 19,90

ISBN: 978-88-297-0354-8

Nero come la notte

Tullio Avoledo

TULLIO AVOLEDO (Valvasone, 1957) lives and works in Pordenone. He is the author of L’elenco telefonico di Atlantide (Sironi, 2003), Mare di Bering (Sironi, 2003), Lo stato dell’unione (Sironi, 2005), Tre sono le cose misteriose (Einaudi, 2005), Breve storia di lunghi tradimenti (Einaudi, 2007),La ragazza di Vajont (Einaudi, 2008), L’ultimo giorno felice (Edizioni Ambiente, 2008), L’anno dei dodici inverni (Einaudi, 2008), Un buon posto per morire (Einaudi, 2011).